Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Motorcycle road racing at club level can be a low cost, exhilarating experience.Competitors on $600.00 Superlites ( bargain basement racing – 100 cc two-stroke and up to 150 cc four-stroke machines )indulge in bike preparation and racing with the same enthusiasm and passion as competitors on $30,000.00 Superbikes.

Riders arriving at Turn one handlebar-to handlebar at 130 km/h in Townsville are experiencing the same emotions and exhilaration as the big boys pulling 290 km/h at Phillip Island . The competitor coming last is trying to make up a   place with as much intensity as the competitor in second place who is trying to take first ! This applies throughout the entire field . The tight, twisting track that is Suncity Raceway ensures close racing , and skill rather than horsepower determines results . One day as a racer beats a lifetime as a spectator!

Motorcycle racing is a very democratic, very accessible sport. There is a bike type and event to suit every budget and every level of rider ability. The best way to start is to attend a race meeting, and see how they are run. Talk to the guys (and ladies !) there. They are ordinary people, having a LOT of fun!!! ( A note – if you see feverish activity around a bike, and spanners flying about, it might be an idea to find someone else to chat with!!!! ) Most of them started the same way, not to make a career out of it, but for the love of riding their bikes as fast as THEY can as safely as possible!


Is it safe?

Motorcycle racing by its very nature is a dangerous activity. In fact, for some of the competitors, that is an attraction. However, by participating in an event that is sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia you can rest assured that dangers have been evaluated and minimized wherever possible. There are no telephone poles, no Volvos and no roundabouts. “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you” has never been uttered at our track. Terminal speeds aren’t excessive, and we are all going in the same direction. An ambulance is in attendance at all race meetings. BEATS THE PUBLIC ROADS!
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What if I crash ?

Not IF, but WHEN you crash, one or combination of the following will occur :
1. The ambulance guys will be straight there to assist if required
2. Flag Marshals will warn other riders that a competitor has crashed
3. Your machine may be brought back to the pits or you may remount your machine and continue participating in the event
4. You might walk (limp?) back to the pits with all the dignity you can muster
5. Other competitors will do all they can to assist you in continuing racing
6. There are often racing incidents in the course of an event, but what happens on the track stays on the track. We all simply want to ride our machines as fast as WE can as safely as possible! RACE BIKES CRASH , AND THAT’S A FACT! ALL THE ABOVE OCCUR ON A REGULAR BASIS! We all do it ( some more than others! )
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Where do I get a bike?

1. There are always a few bikes for sale within the club. Check the pits ,talk to the competitors.
2. The Web – E-bay, various motorcycle club web sites
3. Auctions / newspapers for production bikes and Superlites
4. Build one – although it is preferable to buy a race-ready machine and start racing. Get on to the track first, then build that “special”
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What will it cost?

Various classes of competition are available in Townsville  some are cheaper than others – but it is an old adage – “You can make a small fortune out of road racing, start off with a large one”.
Safety Gear : Leathers( $ 400.00 + ), gloves( $ 80.00 ), helmet( $ 150.00 ), boots( $ 250.00), back protector( $ 80.00 ). Transponders – these are available for hire , but we prefer that you purchase your own – talk to the club. A race license and nomination fees are approximately $ 110.00 per meeting . These fees provide a level of insurance for personal injury, ambulance attendance, track fees etc.
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Try before I buy?

There are quite often guys willing to loan race bikes to newcomers to try.
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Are there any age limitations?

Currently . we promote road race events for Juniors – 13 to 16 years old In accordance with the  Motorcycling Australia Manual Of Motorcycle Sport, and in respect to road racing, “No person who is under the age of sixteen years may compete in other than a junior competition. 14 year old competitors may participate in the 125cc GP and 250 Supersport classes provided they :
a) Satisfy their SCB of their competence.
b) Obtain a licence endorsement for road racing only.
c) Compete in the 125cc GP class or in combined classes with similar performing machines eg 250cc Supersport , 400cc Four Stroke”.
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Can I become involved other than as a Racer?

Other Involvement in Motorcycle Racing :Apart from actively competing in a Motorcycle race meeting , there are many other avenues participation available.KEY OFFICIALS – MA ACCREDITATION REQUIRED

StewardClerk of CourseRace Secretary


Flag MarshalGrid MarshalScorerStarter / FinisherMachine Examiner

Want to know more ? ASK A COMPETITOR / OFFICIAL / MARSHAL !!

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I’m keen , what now?

A Typical Race Meeting : Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms  specific to a meeting are available for download from this site about 3 weeks before a gazetted meeting. These should be completed and returned to the Race Secretary nominated on the Entry Form as soon as possible, and before the closing date nominated on the Form, together with payment of nomination fees. A mad rush then follows, getting your machine ready.

Bring a mate: You have a busy day ahead of you bring a mate to help you unload, get set up, provide moral support, and take care of your stuff if needed.

When you get to the track : Get to the track early, get set up in a pit bay and proceed to the Race Secretary. After signing the indemnity and getting paperwork completed, proceed to Scrutineering.

Scrutineering : Please attempt to present your machine for scrutineering as early as possible. This is a fundamental requirement that must be fulfilled before a machine can be allowed to compete. Late scrutineering delays other aspects of the meeting, and creates unnecessary pressure for our officials. If you are late it will remain at the discretion of the Clerk of Course / Race Secretary as to whether your machine will be scrutineered.

Sweeping / assisting: You don’t have to assist with track sweeping and other preparation, but the more hands, the sooner this less pleasant aspect of race day is finished. And the MotoGP boys often walk the track before a race!

Riders Briefing: As per the Motorcycling Australia Manual Of Motorcycle Sport, ALL riders MUST attend the riders briefing before commencement of practice and / or racing. If you are  late, apart from facing irate competitors, it will remain at the discretion of the Clerk of Course as to whether you will be given a one-on-one Riders Briefing and therefore be allowed to compete in the meeting, or be requested to leave your machine on the trailer.


Practice : Practice usually begins after the Riders Briefing is completed, and the QAS is on site. Practice sessions are usually 10 minutes long, divided into groups, and are conducted consecutively until racing starts.

Racing: Grid up, go out, go when the flag is dropped, ride round and around as fast as you can until someone waves a flag at you, indicating that its time to stop, and head back in. Actually, there is a little bit more in it than that, BUT NOT MUCH !!!

After Racing: Racing is thirsty work, and when the track is cleared and equipment packed away, it’s  time to relax with a cool drink, and discuss the nights events with fellow competitors, lap records are often broken during this social aspect of our meetings!

The RRAT committee: The RRAT is OUR club, and all members are of equal importance and standing. Our committee is elected to manage our Club, and may help at our race meetings. They may also be there to simply race or assist, just like you. They are not there to decide issues that are addressed in the Motorcycling Australia Manual of Motorcycle Sport, that is the role of the Race meeting Officials.
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If you are a senior ride , or have a current Junior Log book, you can purchase a One Event Licence on the day.

If you are going to ride at more than five events per year , it works out cheaper to obtain an annual licence.

Steps to obtaining  an Annual Licence

Step 1:
Head to Ridernet and create and account and licence choice.

Step 2:
Join an affiliated Club – RRAT inc of course!!

Step 3:

All new junior competition licence holders, including juniors upgrading from a Mini licence to a Junior Club or National must first successfully comply with the Kick Start – Junior Coaching Program.


Junior Corporate Challenge

Under 16? You can come racing with RRAT

We very proudly have the ‘Junior Corporate Challenge’ to help the young riders of Townsville & surrounds have the opportunity of racing with us & they could do so on a sponsored bike.

This is where the bike is supplied for the year. On the road racing style of bike, the minimum age is 12yrs old up to 16 yrs (when they move into the senior classes). On the Motards (dirtbikes with road tyres) the minimum age is 9yrs old & again up to 16 yrs old (when they move into the senior classes). The size of the bikes can range from 80cc’s up to 250cc’s & there are 3 age groups of racing.

Contact us for more information on how you can become a part of the Junior Corporate Challenge.

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