Racing still going ahead!

RRAT will still be racing in 2018. Race calendar has been updated with RRAT Rounds moved to a new home track for 2018 – Whitsundays Motorsport Complex. 


Entries now open for RRAT Round 4 Closed to Club! – Click Here to Enter


All members are advised to keep track of updates for General Meetings to keep up to date with all other information which effects RRAT!

Update from RRAT Executives – recent decision Suncity Raceway.

Below is an email that has been forwarded to all RRAT members regarding the determination made regarding our future at Suncity Raceway.

Dear members, there has been a lot of stuff on Facebook, anger and incredulity about the decision of the courts and or Kart Club, everybody is assuming they have the facts. Here are just some key points.
1. The kart Club own the facility.
2. The Kart Club DO NOT have to hire the facility to anyone.
3. The complaint that was/is before the courts is over the land use restrictions in the original DA. No amount of later start times, curfews or reducing noise would have an effect on this decision, for those that have noticed, RRAT had already taken those steps in the last year and into this year.
4. The decision by the Kart Club: taken after their executive had a meeting with their legal team last week, would seem to imply they did not/could not win the case or a decision by the courts was reached and is yet to be published online. The Kart Clubs decision is clearly explained in the original email.
5. Their executive decision was/is made in the best interests of the Kart Club members and for their future, the Kart Club is part of a larger organisation Karting Australia, we (MQ, RRAT) would have done the same to protect our future.
6. Motorcycling Qld has/had offered to assist the Kart Club both financially and legally with this court case as early as 2017. The kart Club felt they did not need our assistance. RRAT did in fact do some initial sound testing at the track for them, this led to an environmental sound tester being bought in from Brisbane at considerable expense by the Kart Club to debunk to the noise issue.
7. Motorcyling Qld, as recently as the weekend again offered RRAT financial and legal support, if after consultation we decide to pursue an alternative course.
8. It has been suggested and correctly: RRAT could go to the council and apply for a new DA, we believe the cost to be about $15,000.00 non-refundable win or lose.
9. Assume: RRAT gets the new DA, and we go to the Kart Club and say we are right to go we have a new DA. They say, “we already told you to protect our future we are not hiring our facility anymore”, either way we have just lost $15,000.00.
RRAT executive asks our members to cool their jets, there is a lot more going on here than we are privy to, by all means lobby the paper, council, radio stations and talk about it on facebook. Please remember any official response will come from the RRAT President, whilst we hope our members will conduct themselves with dignity and their public comments are made with all parties and the future in mind. As a person said to us yesterday “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

RRAT Executive.


Rev the Engines – Round 1 Closed to Club

Saturday March 10th

Supplementary regulations and Final Instructions are available for download and we encourage all members to have a read, there are a few changes this year. Get your nominations in via email to – nominations now open! 
Our fee structure has changed a little this year, but we are still offering family discounts as well as the NEW discount for travellers. Of course our event will still include the Track Day/Regularity which just late last year, has seen a few new members introduced to the club via this class.

Look forward to seeing everyone there. 

Supp Regs – Round 1. 

Final Instructions – Round 1.


where a club bike is supplied to the junior for the year.  

RRAT run this class to give young riders the opportunity of racing with us on a sponsored bike. Minimum age 11 years up to 16 years.

Our spare bikes will be available to ride at our Come and Try Day. At the moment, we have four CF Moto 150NK machines available for the 2018 season.

This is the 10th successful year the RRAT have run this competition, where the bikes are all equal and your ability and willingness to learn will win you races.

Contact us for more information on how you can become a part of the JCC Programme. 

Christine Barton – President – 0410 472392
Gary Ellem – Secretary 0409 499526

A big thanks to Janelle Wragge for letting us use her great photos to make our collage. 

2018 Manual Of Motorcycle Sport

Motorcycle Australia has today released the 2018 Manual of Motorcycle Sport

Coming into the 2018 season it is highly recommended that you review the chapter on your discipline. There has been some changes that everyone will need to be all over!!

Bring on 2018!

Update from

With the start of 2018 – will be going through an upgrade. Information will be reviewed and everything streamlined. Please be patient during this time – we will endeavour to keep all information required accessible during all times.

If you are wishing to any information in particular please email


Junior Corporate Challenge

Under 16? You can come racing with RRAT

We very proudly have the ‘Junior Corporate Challenge’ to help the young riders of Townsville & surrounds have the opportunity of racing with us & they could do so on a sponsored bike.

This is where the bike is supplied for the year. On the road racing style of bike, the minimum age is 12yrs old up to 16 yrs (when they move into the senior classes). On the Motards (dirtbikes with road tyres) the minimum age is 9yrs old & again up to 16 yrs old (when they move into the senior classes). The size of the bikes can range from 80cc’s up to 250cc’s & there are 3 age groups of racing.

Contact us for more information on how you can become a part of the Junior Corporate Challenge.

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