RRAT would like to introduce our 6th Junior Corporate Challenge Rider and Sponsor

#55 Jack Pemberton and Procut Meats

Congratulations Jack and thank you Procut Meats.

DPP_0001 web

Hi my name is Jack Pemberton. I am 13 years old and I am in Year 8 at Pimlico State High School. My first bike was a Honda CF70, and I rode it around the bush with my Dad and brother (Will). I went out to the track to watch a friend race at the Townsville 200, and I decided that I wanted to have a go at racing. I completed my KickStart programme and started racing Supermoto on a YZ85. I have been racing for 2 years, and last year was my first full year in the Junior Corporate Challenge series. In 2016 I travelled as much as possible, and I enjoyed competing at other tracks around North Queensland, and I was also a Finalist in the MQ Awards for Junior Road Race and Supermoto Lite classes. One of the things I like about racing is that I can enjoy it with my whole family: my Dad and brother race, my sister has a sidecar and loves to cheer everyone on, and my Mum keeps us all organised! Last year I enjoyed the support of Procut Meats, and I am very proud to announce that they are my sponsor in the JCC again this year. I am looking forward to the 2017 race season, and my goal is to improve on my times in the 3 classes I compete in.
Procut Meats is a specialised butcher shop, that’s locally run by a young local family (David & Natasha Hernandez). They offer an extensive range of produce from budget items through to exclusive gourmet options (including grass-fed beef, free-range pork, spring lamb, free-range and organic chicken). Their wide range of high protein, low-fat products are well renowned and highly sought after, particularly by body builders and those who are diet conscious. In addition, they have a broad range of fast, easy and Ready-to-Go products that are perfect for the busy family who is looking for healthy meal options. This amazing family business offers more than just great produce, and is well known for its exceptional customer service – which is why their customers keep coming back….again and again!

Procut Meats
5/56 Yolanda Drive, Annandale QLD 4814
Call: (07) 4779 3317


RRAT would like to introduce our 5th Rider and Sponsor.

#36 James Venables and Future Sport Motorcyles.

Congratulations James and thankyou Furture Sport Motorcycles.

James JCC

Hi, my name is James Venables, I’m 14 years of age and I’m in my 3rd year of high school. I’ve been racing for 4 years, third is my 5th year now and ever since I’ve absolutely loved it. I started off at FNQ Road Racing Club in Mareeba on a Honda CRF50f then I upgraded to a Suzuki JR80 and eventually a Honda CRF125f. Milton Carrol from FNQ told my Dad about the FNQ Road Racing Club in Mareeba and then offered if I would be interested. My family and I went up to one of the Practice Days and I really enjoyed it even though I was the only junior ever going up and riding for three and a half years. One year at a Practice/Coaching day, two boys from RRAT (Road Racing Association Townsville) came up, Rhys Warner and Ryan Moscardini. I then found their race dates online and went to the next race meet. The first day I went down to race in Townsville was a Practice/ Coaching Day and I was really surprised at how many juniors there were. I really enjoyed my first race up there with not only myself but other juniors. Ever since my first race at RRAT, I’ve been continuing to ride down in Townsville since August 2016. Last year, I was nominated for the Top 3 Best and Fairest Junior SuperMoto Riders 2016. I was so thankful and proud of the award in Queensland which took me to Brisbane to collect my award that placed me 3rd in Queensland. This year I’m definitely more serious and I have decided to put more effort into my racing and so my parents bought me a KTM 85sx and that has really improved my racing and speed. RRAT has supplied me with a CFmoto 150nk to race in the Junior Corporate Challenge and I am forever thankful for them. I’ve made so many new friends since I’ve joined RRAT and I think of them as my second family. The Road Racing Association of Townsville has done so many good things for me such as supplying me with a new motorbike and leathers. In the past 10 months I’ve been there, I have really loved it and I have enjoyed myself heaps, with not only racing, but making new friends and the support I get from them and my family. RRAT has made me realise that I would definitely stay with them for the rest of my racing career. I would like to give a huge thank you to Future Sport Townsville for being my sponsor this year as it means a lot to me to have your support and also a huge thanks to Jarod for making it possible.
Future Sport Motorcycles are another of our long time supporters of the RRAT and are pleased to be associated with the Koppe Family.


We have been family-owned and operated for over 25 years, maintaining an active presence and an impeccable reputation in the Northern Queensland community. Founded by Steve and Ros Koppe, Future Sport Motorcycles has continued to grow over the years, adding family members and dedicated staff to the Future Sport team. Our team members are riders themselves, so we are confident that we can provide our customers with the best service in the industry.

At Future Sport Motorcycles, we can help you save money on quality new and used motorbikes, as well as provide you with the best deal on Motorcycle Finance. Live interstate? We can provide cost-effective and hassle-free freight to anywhere in Australia, including Cairns, Mackay, Mt. Isa, Rockhampton and Brisbane.

Future-Sport Motorcycles:
21 Ross River Road Townsville QLD 4810
SALES (07) 4725 7001
FAX (07) 4725 7005


RRAT would like to Introduce our 4th Rider and Sponsor

#203 Jayke Clouten and JR’s Mototcycles
Congratulations Jayke and thank you JR’s Motorcycles

Jayke and JR pic

Hi my name is Jayke, I’m 14 and my racing number is 203.
I have ridden motorbikes since I was 8, my first bike was a Suzuki 50 four wheeler that I rode around the backyard then I moved to a CRF50, KTM 65, Suzuki 85 and then a KTM 85 2015.
I was introduced to dirt track racing though friends that I went to school with and really enjoyed it.
I started road racing in 2015 on the black sachs 150 and raced it for that year.
May 2016 on a dirt track race day I had a bad accident and ended up with a compression fracture in my back in two different places and that took me out of motorbike racing for the year.
Now in 2017 I am riding a CF moto 150 NK and loving it.
Thanks for JR Motorcycles for sponsoring me and I can’t wait to ride with my mates.

JR has been a long time supporter of the RRAT and last year bought and donated a new JCC bike to the club as well as assisting us in the purchase of the rest of the JCC bikes we have today.


JR’s Motorcycles has been running strong in the motorcycle industry for over a decade, over time we have created a quality customer / clientele base that is not only local but stretches all over Queensland and Australia.

With staff having a combined experience of over 50 years in the motorcycle industry, not only does JR’s offer quality and friendly customer service, the staff at JR’s can also offer the most knowledgeable information for you to get your problem fixed, as we will give the right information for the problem but also offer the right parts and accessories to get you on your way to having the problem solved.

Phone: 4775 2266
Fax: 4775 2288
Email: jrsmotorcycles@bigpond.com
Address: Corner of Ingham Road & Crowder Street, Garbutt 4814


RRAT would like to introduce our 3rd Rider and Sponsor for the 2017 Junior Corporate Challenge.

#87 Will Pemberton and Streetwise Motorbike Training

Congratulations Will and Thank you Streetwise Motorbike Training

Will Streetwise_005 web

Hi my name is Will Pemberton. I am 12 years old and this year I started Year 7 at Pimlico State High School. I started racing Supermoto last year with the RRAT and this will be my first year in the JCC. My very first bike was a Honda 50 then a Honda 70. I used to ride them about the bush with my Dad and brother. I got into racing after my brother started racing. I gave Go-karts a go but I like the bikes much better.
I really enjoy the racing because of the great people and the travelling around we get to do.
I’m really excited about riding for Streetwise Motorbike Training this year and look forward to improving my times, getting on the podium and making Streetwise proud.
I wish all of the JCC riders the best of luck this year and can’t wait to get out on the track.


Brett and Verity Lavery from Streetwise are passionate motorbike riders who enjoy everything about bikes, from watching GP bikes to the dust at the Finke.
“We have been lucky enough to combine our passion for motorbikes with a love of training by becoming Q-Ride Service Providers for the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland” Q-Ride is a great program that helps give people the skills and the knowledge to keep safe when riding a motorbike. Brett and Verity live in Townsville after moving across from living in Mount Isa for several years where they established their training facility. “If you want to know more, feel free to ring us on 0414 987 149 or send us an email. We hope to see you at one of our training courses soon”.


RRAT would like to introduce the 2nd of our Junior Corporate Challenge rider and sponsor as

#444 Ryan Moscardini and Suncity Yamaha
Congratulations Ryan and Thank you SunCity.

Ryan Suncity


Hi, My name is Ryan Moscardini I’m 13 Years old I attend Pimlico High . I have been racing for three years and really enjoy it , I got my first bike when I was 5 it was a JR 50 . How I got started in Motoard and road racing , My friend Corey asked me to go to a Come n try day in January 2014, I was 10 . I loved it so much and my dad wanted me to race so the next month I went back to the kick start program and it all started from there. I started out on a Honda 110. I raced that bike for year and then advanced to a Suzuki RM 85 small wheel. My hobbies are soccer, basketball and playing the xbox . The day I turned 12 I got on my first Sachs bike with Suncity as my sponsor . Last year I was fortunate enough to get a sponsored by NQ Flooring which helps with the costs of racing , Also my dad sponsors me as well, his business is called DM WELDING. Last year I was nominated for MQ JNR Supermoto champion, MQ Junior Road racing champion and also JNR Achiever of the year . I’m really excited for this coming year as I have a new sponsor on board with my supermoto racing this year and it’s Suncity Yamaha . This year I’m hoping to make it to the Aussie supermoto title in WA in November and another goal would be to be nominated again by Motorcycling Queensland . I was so honoured to be nominated for the awards last year and I got to travel to Brisbane . Through racing I have gained many new good friends .

Suncity Yamaha is a locally owned Yamaha Authorised dealership in Townsville. We are operated by riders, for riders.

SunCity Yamaha commenced as a Yamaha dealership in 2014 after operating the Harley-Davidson dealership for 3 years.

They now have the two dealerships, and are currently in the process of building a purpose built Yamaha dealership which will be complete in May 2017.

Store Owner Brent Storey is a local racer himself, and believes in giving back to the local racing community where possible. For 2017, Suncity Yamaha will be sponsoring local young gun Ryan Moscardini in the junior corporate challenge, as well as his supermoto efforts.

Store Number: (07) 4774 2355
Store website: http://www.suncityyamaha.com.au/
Address: 735 woolcock street Townsville 4814



RRAT would like to introduce our 1st Junior Corporate Challange Rider and Sponsor

#57 Rhys Warner and iPlumb Plumbing Services
Congratulations Rhys and thankyou to iPlumb.

Rhys iPlumb

Hi all, my name is Rhys Warner, I am about to turn 15 yrs and I attend Tsv State High year 10.
I was first introduced to racing motor cycles (2014) by my grandfather (Brian “Huff” Warner) who also races (slowly,haha !) He taught me how to change gears, as I had only ridden auto bikes before that. I did the kick start program and started racing on a Sachs kn 150 and moved onto the clubs new CF Moto 150. I have also raced a Honda H100 (bucket bike) and a Yamaha yzf 150 in the Lites class. I am currently getting a Honda Cbr 250 in shape to race in Historics. This bike, if I do well with my schooling and improve my riding, Pop has agreed to take me with him to the Historic racing at Eastern Creek in Sydney in 2018.

I enjoy racing with all the people at RRAT and have made new friends and travelled to other tracks in the N.Q. area. My aim for the future is to be a better rider and perhaps one day, ride all the major race tracks in Australia. My other interests are playing football (league and AFL) waterskiing, snorkelling and eating (according to Pop !!) I now work, part time at IGA Garbutt and hope to start with TecNQ with the hope to become a plumber.

Rhys Warner is now in his third year of racing with RRAT. Starting with not having ridden a bike with gears he quickly learned, with tuition from the club, to move on to gather in some places and a few wins.

iPlumb, Liam and Christie Smith have run their local plumbing business for !0 years in T/Ville and service all types of clients, domestic/commercial and retail and have a 24hr call out service. Liam is a dedicated motorsports fan and participant, racing a 1969 Mazda turbo charged rotary R100 on drag strips across N.Q. and also a dedicated road rider on his Triumph Speed Triple. Christie divides her time between being a mum to her daughters,( Ivy-lee and Hazel) and being the business manager for iPlumb.

iPlumb has been a sponsor of the annual RRAT Tourist Trophy since its inception and is now proud to support the Junior Corporate Challenge through rider Rhys Warner.
Current 250cc Production Club Champion (Stafford Beals) is also sponsored by iPlumb.

iPlumb wishes all participants in the JCC, a safe years racing and in particular, Rhys Warner a year of good results…


RRAT would also like to thank the following sponsors for their ongoing support.




Facebook Posts

Hi RRATs, our re-scheduled date for Round 2 Closed to Club is Saturday 22 July. This was the date in our calendar for a coaching/practice day, but will now become Round 2 of our club championships. ... See MoreSee Less

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So, we know what everyone is thinking, the sky is blue, the sun is shining. A beautiful day for racing. However just spare a thought for the chosen few who would have had to get out yesterday and today to organize and start the process to ensure a great day of racing.
The ground is sodden behind the containers where all our gear is stored let alone getting the van out, which has a few leaks of its own, and the track has lots of dirt and rocks washed onto it. More things to consider than just turning up and racing on the day.
Keep the faith. A rescheduled date will be advertised as soon as we can co-ordinate the track, first aid and officials. Stay tuned.🌞
Thank you Christine.
... See MoreSee Less

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Due to the uncertainty of the weather, RRAT have decided to cancel Rd 2 Closed to Club Championships on Saturday. The forecast is supposedly hinting at this rain clearing however nothing is certain. As soon as a firm date can be confirmed, we will advise everyone of the re-scheduled date. 😥😥👎🌧️☔ ... See MoreSee Less

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Road Racing Association of Townsville updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Please find the final instructions for this week end here.
... See MoreSee Less

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MA Rule Change - All Disciplines
Titanium Parts
... See MoreSee Less

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There is no General Club Meeting this month. it will be carried over until the June Meeting..See you Saturday
... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Mother's Day💋 ... See MoreSee Less

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Dont put those bikes away from the weekend just yet. Round 2 Closed to Club Championship is on Saturday 20 May 2017. Gates open 10.30am and nominations and scrutineering will start at 11am. Final instructions will be published closer to the event with the race programme and timetable.
Nominations are available to download at http://rrat.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/2017-RRAT-Closed-to-Club-APPROVED.pdf
If you have already entered Round 1, your nomination form is good for all four rounds. It would be nice though just to let us know if you are definitely coming. Just make a comment with your name.
The weather is beautiful at the moment and we are going to take advantage of the track lights again and race into the night. Hope everyone enjoys this. Remember, payment is easy, we have the eftpos machine at the track or you can make a bank deposit before the event. We still have OEL's available at the lower price of $60 and club memberships for snrs = $6 and jnrs $5 until end of June.
We will need flaggies for this event, so bring along a mate, girlfriend or family member to volunteer on the day. All flaggies get front row seats to the racing as well as a free lunch for their efforts. See you at the track.
... See MoreSee Less

RRAT Round 2 Closed to Club Championships

May 20, 2017, 10:30am - May 20, 2017, 10:00pm

Suncity Raceway

Dont put those bikes away from the weekend just yet. Round 2 Closed to Club Championship is on Saturday 20 May 2017. Gates open 10.30am and nominations and scrutineering will start at 11am. Final i...

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Road Racing Association of Townsville updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Great acknowledgement of the Riders, their parents and all of the members of the RRAT. ... See MoreSee Less

Seven News Townsville - RRAT news segment, starring Drew Pemberton, Rhys Warner and James Venables.

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Look out for the news tonight
Ch 7 local.
... See MoreSee Less

One of these boys could be North Queensland's next Jack Miller. A junior program developed by The Road Racing Association of Townsville is giving the region's best young riders the chance to excel. R...

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Thanks Glenn Carey for this race clip of Race 3 Supersingle/RR at the Autosmart NQSCC. Brodie Carey and Rob Ogilvie having a great battle. Cant wait until you turn senior Brodie and Rob you are definitely getting quicker out there every time we see you race. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hopefully a write up in tomorrow's paper from the week end so keep a look out. ... See MoreSee Less

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All the results from Round 1 Autosmart NQSCC are available here https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1387760 ... See MoreSee Less

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The first round of the AutoSmart NQSCC hosted by the RRAT was run and won on Saturday. A great meeting that ran like clockwork, thanks to everyone that came together to make it happen, officials, the Restored Motorcycle Club members for flagging, timekeepers, everybody; without your participation, these meetings would never run so well. Also, thank you to the riders, locals and travellers, you all put on a great spectacle, some really tight racing out there. It was exciting to watch.

A big thank you to Nick Fordham, AutoSmart, for sponsoring our event. It is a privilege to have you on board for the series. All results and times will be uploaded to MyLaps/Speed Hive ASAP.
As soon as Linda and myself get the chance, we will collate all the club points and post. Be patient though, maybe in the next week or two.

I know there is the fun rivalry between the clubs, but it comes down to catching up with great mates and friendly faces as well as different competitors to race against. Lots of happy racers at the end of the night, of course a few bikes not so happy, but that's racing.

Is everybody is keen to do this all again at WMSC Round 2 on 1st July? All going to plan, practice on the Friday, and Saturday racing. A full timetable will be published closer to the event. Plenty of time to get those bikes repaired and bones mended before we all meet again.

Oh by the way, Round 2 Closed to Club is scheduled for the 20 May. All nominations received for Round 1 will be honoured for Round 2, but a quick pm or phone call would be appreciated just to clarify your spot on the grid. Head on over to KayGee Photography on Facebook to checkout all the great videos and photos from the race meeting. If you're not in a photo, you weren't there. LOL.

Kind regards,
Christine Barton
... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks for the photo KayGee Photography. The RRAT exec keeping a tight hold on the shield, FOR NOW, those FNQRR are keen to take it home after round 3. ... See MoreSee Less

One of my favourite photos of the day :)

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If you want to see some great shots from our racing on Saturday, head over to KayGee Photography. This is just one of the videos/pictures that Kirsty will post over the next week or two. Check our her FB page. If you're not in a picture, you weren't there. LOL. ... See MoreSee Less

A great start to one of the interclub races today at Suncity raceway, Townsville

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Anyone camping at the track tonight can you contact me ASAP on 0419732738
Cheers Drew.
... See MoreSee Less

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As of now, NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED FOR 2017 AUTOSMART NQSCC. I am still happy to take your nomination on Saturday morning, BUT BEWARE, a $50 late fee applies. ... See MoreSee Less

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Quite a good watch. Maybe we should have a postie bike class??? ... See MoreSee Less

Our Supermoto WA Promotional Video. Do you have friends or family, who don't know what Supermoto is? Or how you spend your Thursday nights and Sundays? This video captures Supermoto WA so well. A ...

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Great photos Coral Coast Riders, and flagging as well. You guys are welcome back to our meetings any day. See you Saturday to do it all again. ... See MoreSee Less

30/4/2017 - a 4am start to our handful of volunteers' road trip south to RRAT's race meeting...just so we could work as flaggies (but secretly to scope out FNQRRC's competition prior to the Interclub ...

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Some more pics from Coral Coast Riders with very funny comments. You guys are a crack up. ... See MoreSee Less

30/4/2017 - a 4am start to our handful of volunteers' road trip south to RRAT's race meeting...just so we could work as flaggies (but secretly to scope out FNQRRC's competition prior to the Interclub ...

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Thanks Kay Gee More action shots from Sunday. ... See MoreSee Less

A great fun day - hope you like these pics :)

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Come on RRATs, we all need to compete to ensure we bring the shield safely back to Townsville after Rd 3 at Mako. All club points from the three rounds accumulate for the end of series points. ... See MoreSee Less

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Some great shots of Sunday's racing. ... See MoreSee Less

Road Racing Association of Townsvillefirst club meet for the year

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Just a quick race "wrap-up" from Round 1 on Sunday. There was great racing in all fields, 33 riders taking the track. Perfect weather at the track to don leathers and take to the bitumen.
Of course, a big thank you to the key officials (the likely trio) as well as everyone else who came together to make this day happen.
A special thank you to the members of Coral Coast Riders who travelled down to Townsville and volunteered their time flagging and taking some awesome pictures. There were photographers at almost all turns of the track on Sunday, so stay tuned for some great action shots. Also Chris and Ashley from WMSC who travelled just to help out the club. Awesome!!
Unfortunately a few bingles. Everyone here at the RRAT wishes Matt and Sandi a speedy recovery and hope to see them back on the track. A few broken bones between the two of them, so get well soon guys.
Just a reminder, we have a busy racing calendar for the next few weeks. Next Saturday 6 May is our NQSCC (previously known as the Interclub) Round 1 at Suncity Raceway, see the FB Event for entry details and then 20 May, Rd 2 Closed to Club. Hope to see everyone back at the track next week so we can do it all over again.

Go the RRAT!!
... See MoreSee Less

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Good morning RRATs. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the day should be perfect for a great race meeting. Remember the shade sails in the pits are still down so bring some protection from the sun. Gates open 10.30am. See you at the track. ... See MoreSee Less

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Road Racing Association of Townsville added a new photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Junior Corporate Challenge

Under 16? You can come racing with RRAT

We very proudly have the ‘Junior Corporate Challenge’ to help the young riders of Townsville & surrounds have the opportunity of racing with us & they could do so on a sponsored bike.

This is where the bike is supplied for the year. On the road racing style of bike, the minimum age is 12yrs old up to 16 yrs (when they move into the senior classes). On the Motards (dirtbikes with road tyres) the minimum age is 9yrs old & again up to 16 yrs old (when they move into the senior classes). The size of the bikes can range from 80cc’s up to 250cc’s & there are 3 age groups of racing.

Contact us for more information on how you can become a part of the Junior Corporate Challenge.

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Where we are

Sun City Raceway

Shaws Road, The Bohle Plains
Townsville, North Queensland

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